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Vienna Weekly

4–10 December

Vienna Weekly presents a selection of weekly exhibition openings, (online) talks, and art events taking place in Vienna. Discover the contemporary side of the city.

“I want to make Vienna the new hub in Europe for contemporary art.”

Introducing Artistic Director Francesca Gavin

A familiar name to many in the art world, Francesca Gavin brings a remarkable blend of energy, good humor, curiosity, and a deep expertise in contemporary art. Now, she’s turning her attention to promoting Vienna’s significant potential on the international art stage. Meet Francesca Gavin – writer, curator, and, as of this month, the Artistic […]

Martin Hatebur Art Collector

“If you are interested in culture, it is important to give something back.”

Collectors Interview | Martin Hatebur

Swiss lawyer and passionate art collector Martin Hatebur has been president of Kunsthalle Basel since 2008. He is also actively involved in contemporary art in various capacities, including president of the St. Moritz Art Film Festival, on the board of Lafayette Anticipations in Paris, the Swiss Association of Art Collectors, the Foundation for Art and […]

Is Vienna the new Berlin?

Francesca Gavin on Monocle Radio

Is Vienna the new Berlin? Listen below to viennacontemporary artistic director Francesca Gavin on the Monocle radio show “The Globalist” about her plans for viennacontemporary 2024 and the city’s great potential.   Listen to the whole “The Globalist” show here.

VCT STATEMENT: Not Either Or, But And

The special exhibition at das weisse haus.

Curated by Laura Amann, a curator at Kunsthalle Wien, the exhibition in the framework of VCT STATEMENT 202 shines a spotlight on the issues of political homelessness and contemporary citizenship. The eight outstanding artists Olga Balema, Sharif Baruwa, Tony Cokes, Maximiliano Leon, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, OMARA Mara Oláh, Aykan Safoğlu, and Miriam Stoney intensively explore […]

First Timers

viennacontemporary 2023

When roaming the halls of Kursalon this year, visitors of viennacontemporary will discover a few new faces: 15 galleries from all over Europe, united by a shared commitment to nurturing emerging contemporary art, will participate at Austria’s leading art fair for the first time this September.


July 2023

Summer break my a**: July is full of biennials and exciting exhibitions. From Spain to Italy and Poland: We share – no, not the best vacation destinations, but the most important art exhibitions focusing on the CEE regions of the month. This much we can already say: It’s going to be hot!

“The term ‘African art’ can be quite limiting.”

Collector Interview | Joseph Awuah-Darko

How to introduce a creative multi-talent in a single paragraph? Joseph Awuah-Darko, born in London, has lived in Ghana since the age of five. There, the artist, collector, and philanthropist has established a successful residency program and supports young African artists wherever he can. viennacontemporaryMag discussed the urgency to diversify the global art world and […]