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In Dialogue | Eva Presenhuber

Eva Presenhuber Gallery

viennacontemporary Artistic Director Boris Ondreička met gallerist Eva Presenhuber, who, after pioneering the art scene in Zürich and New York, has now returned to her homeland Austria and opened a gallery space in Vienna.

Sevda and Can Elgiz - Photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz

“The best way to support artists is to make them visible!”

Collectors Interview with Sevda and Can Elgiz

Being the first collectors in Turkey to open a public space for contemporary art in Istanbul – the Elgiz Museum – Sevda and Can Elgiz present everchanging shows of their large collection and regularly initiate projects to support the young local art scene.

“My collection is my income!”

Collector Interview: Kamran Diba

In a conversation with viennacontemporaryMag, Kamran Diba reminisces about his efforts of establishing and running the first museum for modern and contemporary art in Iran, and laying the cornerstones of his impressive collection that allow him to live comfortably without any other source of income.