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Collecting Couples

Nothing says love as much as sharing your life’s passion – in this case – for art. On the occasion of the nearing Valentine’s Day, we are revisiting some powerful couples whose love for each other grows analog with their art collections.

Prague Art Spring

The contemporary art scene in the Czech capital is booming. Discover the top up-and-coming galleries and off-spaces in the city here.     hunt kastner Founded in 2006 by Camille Hunt and Katherine Kastner, hunt kastner Gallery may have been the first gallery in Prague to respond to a lack of platforms for emerging Czech […]

From Private Collectors to Founding Kunsthalle Praha

Collectors Interview | Pavlína and Petr Pudil

It all started, when Pavlína and Petr Pudil wanted to buy a decoration for their living room. 20 years later, the couple have not only built up a foundation collection of 3,000 works by the most important artists in the Czech Republic and the surrounding countries from modernism to the present day, but have also founded the Kunsthalle Praha, an exciting young institution that puts this very collection in dialog with international artists.

“Giving Women the Visibility They Deserve”

Collectors Interview: Katrin Bellinger

Katrin Bellinger describes herself as a born collector. The art professional has turned her passion into a profession and traded in old master drawings for 30 years. Today, Bellinger, who grew up in Cologne, Germany, and lives in London, UK, has many obligations, such as being on the board of the National Gallery and the […]

VCT Sculpture Project 2023

Carola Dertnig's homage to Lucia Westerguard conquers Stadtpark

In a public landscape dominated by sculptures of or by important men, ranging from Donald Judd to Johann Strauß, a new sculpture next to Kursalon Vienna is breaking the pattern:  ‘Feldenkreis_FI_001_Lucia by Carola Dertnig. Dertnig’s sculpture is more than a visually striking addition to Stadtpark; it’s a poignant commentary on the underrepresentation of female figures […]

ZONE1 2023

The emerging section of viennacontemporary

One of the highlights of viennacontemporary 2023 was undoubtedly ZONE1, curated by Francesca Gavin. The special exhibition, dedicated to emerging artists under the age of 40 with a connection to Austria – be it through origin, study, or work – spanned the entire upper floor of the Kursalon. Each stand of the ten young artists […]


Navigating Art and Technology

Molecules gracefully float in a pastel-colored expanse, accompanied by meditative music, where space and time relinquish their significance, allowing for an immersion into a captivating alternative reality. Enter “The Fetch,” an immersive experience meticulously crafted by Austrian artist Christiane Peschek. The artwork is a composition of Peschek’s “fetched” online data, weaving together her “virtual aura” […]

“I want to make Vienna the new hub in Europe for contemporary art.”

Introducing Artistic Director Francesca Gavin

A familiar name to many in the art world, Francesca Gavin brings a remarkable blend of energy, good humor, curiosity, and a deep expertise in contemporary art. Now, she’s turning her attention to promoting Vienna’s significant potential on the international art stage. Meet Francesca Gavin – writer, curator, and, as of this month, the Artistic […]

Martin Hatebur Art Collector

“If you are interested in culture, it is important to give something back.”

Collectors Interview | Martin Hatebur

Swiss lawyer and passionate art collector Martin Hatebur has been president of Kunsthalle Basel since 2008. He is also actively involved in contemporary art in various capacities, including president of the St. Moritz Art Film Festival, on the board of Lafayette Anticipations in Paris, the Swiss Association of Art Collectors, the Foundation for Art and […]