viennacontemporary fully supports the values of a democratic and humanitarian society and categorically condemns any actions that sow social division and violence. We declare our full solidarity to the people of Ukraine who are facing the terror of war due to the invasion by Russia.

The team of viennacontemporary, which is composed of numerous nationalities, including Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and, is, as so many people are, also personally affected by the crisis and stands united in the firm rejection of war and any kind of atrocities.

viennacontemporary regards itself as an international meeting platform with a special mission of building bridges between East and West, promoting peace and plurality. Art serves as a meaningful tool for critical reflection, resistance, and dissent; it helps to educate, reconcile, and protect human rights.

We believe that the support of an international art community is more crucial than ever. It is of utmost importance to display Ukrainian artistic and cultural heritage, which is currently being destroyed or in danger of being eradicated.

In the upcoming edition, viennacontemporary will put a content focus on Ukraine and will support affected cultural workers inside and outside of Ukraine.

Our thoughts are with the millions of people seeking protection, as well as their families and friends, who are worrying about them from abroad.

Markus Huber and Boris Ondreička in the name of the team of viennacontemporary