Special Projects

ARS ELECTRONICA | Partner Installation | Neue Alte Post

As an expression of viennacontemporary’s deep interest in digital art, Contemporary Vienna kicks off a long-term collaboration with Linz-based festival Ars Electronica.


Ars Electronica will present three films by Rebecca Merlic, winner of the Marianne.von.Willemer.2020 Prize for Digital Media at Alte Post from 2-5 September. Merlic, born in 1989, questions the traditional connection between privacy and private property, explores new forms of urban living and scrutinizes gender roles in the changing conditions of contemporary life. Furthermore, artistic director Gerfried Stocker will participate in the talk DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP AND CREATIVITY on Saturday, 4 September.


NUCLEUS | Partner Installation by SHA.ART | Neue Alte Post

SHA.ART is responsible for the artistic design and cultural revitalization of the Neue Alte Post. Under the motto ” Raum durchkunsten”, the team around the Viennese artist and perception researcher SHA. is developing a contemporary artistic approach to the revitalization of the historic building ensemble. For this purpose, SHA.ART is creating a new kind of “museum”, which will penetrate the historical area at various points with varying intensity: A medial museum not as a static structure, but as a dynamic process. At the center is a multi-dimensional media artwork in the old Dominican Courtyard of the Old Post Office – an immersive 360° Globe Experience for all senses. An exemplary intermediate state of this art development can be experienced exclusively at viennacontemporary as the spatial installation NUCLEUS by SHA.ART.


Imprint in motion | Film Screening | Partner Event in Artis International

Sunday, 5 September, 3:00 pm

Presented by Context. Diana Vishneva Foundation, the Aksenov Family Foundation, and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow)

Imprint in motion is a cross-media project fusing fine arts, contemporary dance, music, and filmmaking. The project focuses on the human body in a great variety of plastic forms. The space of the world-famous Pushkin Museum in Moscow serves as the venue for this artistic experiment. Unfettered by the world, fixed in sculptures or moving in dance, human bodies reinterpret stories rooted in the history of Western European civilization.

See the full trailer here

Artis International, Saal 3, Schultergasse 10, 1010 Vienna

Limited number of seats – Please register at