The initiative features artworks by established contemporary Ukrainian artists in collaboration with international crypto artists, which are specifically created for the Crypto Art Drop.

The drop launches on Objkt, the largest NFT marketplace by the open-source blockchain platform Tezos, on 9 September 2022, where they will be available for purchase during the public days of the fair,  9-11 September 2022.

Proceeds from the initial sales will be donated to a charity in Ukraine – Dattalion. The goal of this project is to sustainably support the Ukrainian art scene by bringing Ukrainian modern artists together with international crypto artists and helping them to discover the digital art platforms and marketplaces. It also aims to publicize their work, attract new collectors, and connect art from the East and the West.

The project is supported by MoCA (Museum of Crypto Arts), 0x4rt and built on Tezos.

Follow this link to our objkt page:

STATEMENT UKRAINE takes place with the kind support of ERSTE Foundation.