In an ongoing collaboration with Meta and the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), viennacontemporary explores the connection between art and the digital sphere, experimentally developing the human side of the latest technologies, especially virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. For VCT ACTIVATION, curated by Francesca Gavin, viennacontemporary commissioned a VR artwork by Christiane Peschek, who was also featured in this year’s ZONE1.

THE FETCH invited visitors to a 10-minute immersive VR encounter with the artist’s virtual aura, derived from her personal data. Peschek’s work addresses the possibilities of depicting the physical body in digital space and shows how technology is interwoven with mysticism and can profoundly influence us, the viewers.


A talk, titled “Design and Engagement – Digitalization in a Globalized World,” on 9 September at the MAK Columned Main Hall complemented the project. The discussion addressed the connection between the design of interfaces, and engagement, particularly in the context of the rapidly evolving metaverse. Marlies Wirth, Curator of Digital Culture and Design Collection at MAK, moderated the conversation, featuring:

  • Zach Stubenvoll: Head of Brand Design @ Meta (San Francisco, US)

  • Stefan Sagmeister: Designer,  Sagmeister Inc (New York, US)

  • Paula Strunden: Virtual Reality Artist, Founder of XR Atlas, Doctoral Candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna, AT/Amsterdam, NL)