Tours 2015

viennacontemporary is an art fair providing an uncomplicated and enjoyable approach to contemporary art and puts particular emphasis on special audiences.

Besides the solo presentations on display at ZONE1, young Austrian artists will be invited to give guided tours – Studio for students and Gold for seniors.

While Studio tours offer young people the chance to meet their coevals while gaining valuable insights into their lives in the art world, Gold tours will provide a platform for a cross-generational dialog on contemporary art.

Gold daily at 2:00 pm, Studio daily at 4:00 pm.
All guided tours start at the Meeting Point.

Gold tours
24 September, 2:00 pm
Clemens Wolf, Galerie Silvia Steinek (AT)

25 September, 2:00 pm
Salvatore Viviano, O W G (AT)

26 September, 2:00 pm
Albert Mayr, MARTINETZ (DE)

27 September, 2:00 pm
Bert Löschner, O W G (AT)

Studio tours

24 September, 4:00 pm
Aldo Giannotti, Viktor Bucher (AT)

25 September, 4:00 pm
Karin Fisslthaler, Raum mit Licht (AT)

26 September, 4:00 pm
Csaba Kis Róka, acb Gallery (HU)

27 September, 4:00 pm
Manfred Hubmann, O W G (AT)