Tailored Cultural Experience

Thursday, 26 September, 13:00 – 15:00

The discussion panel is focused on cultural events as a driving force behind developing new territories and creating new projects dedicated to providing tailored, unique experiences for individual tourism.

The panel discussion is dedicated to the topic of how the cultural experience has evolved as a result of technological progress: we would like to explore how culture and major cultural events can trigger the development of unique and highly customizable tourist routes. We would also like to discuss how digitally enhanced cultural experience can become a powerful tool for creating new attraction points for business, services and investments, changing and expanding the cultural destinations map of a city, a country, or the whole world.


Andrey Sebrant: Strategic Marketing Director, Yandex
Egor Yakovlev: Head of Business Development, izi.Travel
Ekaterina Pronicheva: Chairwoman, Moscow Tourism Committee
Elisa Bonacini: PhD in Cultural Heritage, Courtesy Visiting Adjunct Professor and Project manager in Sicily for the Institute for Digital Exploration (IDEx), Department of History, University of South Florida
Norbert Kettner: Managing Director, Vienna Tourist Board
Andrei Ihnatsenka: TEZEKS Project Director, Tez International GmbH
Dmitry Aksenov: Chairman, Board of Directors, viennacontemporary and RDI. Group
Viktoria Kondrashova: CEO,RDI. Creative


Alexey Steblev, CEO of RDI.Digital Russia