Reflections 2015

With its presentation format Reflections, viennacontemporary underlines the curatorial aspect of gallery work and offers participating galleries a particular presentation platform for exhibitions that have been specifically conceived for the fair. Geukens & De Vil from Belgium (Antwerp/Knokke) will take advantage of the new format to show Sophie Kuijken and Gideon Kiefer, two artists dealing with human identity and existence in a doomed world.

Galerija Škuc will present three artistic positions, Alban Muja, Jasmina Cibic, and Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, at Reflections; three artists who reflect socio-cultural contexts of local political situations in their site-specific works.

Galerija Photon will try to track down the spirit of Dadaism and Surrealism in 20th-century photography in Eastern Europe and present Ladislav Postupa, Stane Jagodič, and Roberto Kusterle.

Daily routines and constraints we are hardly aware of anymore, form the basis for the exhibition concept of Galerija P74, which will be highlighted by works of Jože Barši, Polonca Lovšin, and Uroš Potočnik.

Warsaw-based Propaganda Gallery, which will participate for the first time, will present three young artists, Tomasz Kulka, Jakub Ciężki and Adam Jastrzębski, who deal with processes of transience, both in society and nature. Ingo Nussbaumer, represented by Galerie Hubert Winter from Vienna, will present his artistic research in the area of color theory with a general booth installation at viennacontemporary.