Solo & Sculpture 2017

With the presentation of high-quality sculptures by renowned international artists, Solo & Sculpture, curated by Miguel Wandschneider, has a new topic.

With nine artistic statements Miguel Wandschneider presents his selection of the most significant and established representatives in the field of sculpture.

The solo shows constitute a counterpoint to the art fair’s bustle and leave space for individual experiences and the concentration on fundamental artistic statements.


Solo & Sculpture curated by Miguel Wandschneider:

Werner Feiersinger I Galerie Martin Janda
Koenraad Dedobbeleer I Gesellschaft für projektive Ästhetik vormals GKFA
Michael E. Smith I KOW
Bruno Gironcoli I Galerie Krinzinger
Belén Uriel I Galeria Madragoa
Joëlle Tuerlinckx I Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder
Ana Santos I Galeria Quadrado Azul
Alexandre Estrela I Travesia Cuatro
Suchan Kinoshita I Galerie Nadja Vilenne

“Sculpture has been an extremely fertile ground for art to fulfill its potential of destabilizing and disrupting habitual modes of perceiving and experiencing things. Sculpture functions here as an operative principle that enables to highlight and cluster together a number of significant artistic positions, without laying claim to any unnecessary conceptual or historicist alibi. All the artists gathered together in this section explore in their work the primacy of the object and its inescapable materiality over meaning. Experience prevails over interpretation.” Miguel Wandschneider


Miguel Wandschneider