Culture as a Boost for Public and Private Development

Sunday, 29 September, 11:00 – 15:00

The focus will be on development of new territories through collaboration with cultural institutions and on local communities’ involvement on designing art projects. 

A panel discussion about sustainable development of territories through collaboration with cultural institutions and use of artistic practices in urban spaces. The speakers – representatives of authority structures and expert community will answer the question, why cultural activities and integration of cultural infrastructure is the winning strategy for progress purposes.

Among the themes that will be in the limelight are also best practices of integration of culture into local development projects and different aspects of local communities’ involvement in designing art projects. Panel participants – representatives of cultural projects, development companies and local community centers – will bring the worlds of culture, social activities and real estate development together.


Barbara Holub, the Transparadiso founder and CEO, artist, researcher
Claudia Nutz, consultant, ex-MD the Zeestadt Aspern, Nutzeffect founder and CEO
Charles Landry, urban development expert, founder of the concept Creative city
Dmitry Aksenov, Chairman of viennacontemporary and RDI Group
Anton Belov, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
John McGrath, Art and Executive Director of Manchester International Festival (tbc)
Paul Alezraa, Avesta Group founder and CEO
Peter Noever, Noever Design founder and CEO
Sabine Gretner, Director of Superar
Simon Mraz, Director of Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow
Steffan Walz, Director of Design Innovation at Diconium, GeeLab founder and CEO

Michael Kerbler