Culture 5.0

Culture 5.0 Conference 

This year, we are launching a new initiative supported by the Aksenov Family Foundation – the “Culture 5.0 Conference”. The conference will provide a multi-disciplinary platform to explore practical possibilities of integrating culture with science, education, business, digital technologies, and politics.

Culture is constantly responding to the challenges of our time and therefore functions as an important indicator of social change. The conference will offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, explore new possibilities of collaborations, discuss best practices of how contemporary culture can influence business, innovations, science, and digital technologies as well as learn about culture’s creative connections with these sectors.

By bringing together professionals from different walks of life and providing them with new cultural experiences, we will create an inspiring atmosphere in which people can learn from each other and explore how contemporary culture can bring about positive change in societies, businesses, economies, the environment, and many other sectors.

The topics covered include: Culture and Technologies, Culture and Life Science, Culture and Tourism, as well as Culture and Community Development.