Living Image

This year’s special program Living Image ventures into the worlds of music and augmented reality: artists who write and produce music or play in bands and at concerts present their musical performances if the form of short video clips. The program was organized in cooperation with the current mumok exhibition Doppelleben. Bildende Künstler_innen machen Musik [Double Lives. Visual Artists Making Music].

Augmented Reality. The special program takes place in the entrance area of the fair (booth D05), where printed stills of the selected films are exhibited on a wall. Visitors can watch the short clips on their mobile devices by simply installing the Artivive App and scanning the exhibited image.

Artivive is a Viennese Start-up founded in 2017. It is an easy to use augmented reality tool that allows artists, galleries, and museums to add a digital layer to a physical artwork. It offers a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with art. Visitors have to use only their own smartphones or tablets in order to experience the layer of augmented reality.

Living Image is curated by Daniela Hahn, who works as a curator at mumok and is part of the curatorial team of the current exhibition Doppelleben. Bildende Künstler_innen machen Musik.

Hahn studied art history and history in Vienna and Trieste. As artistic director of the Schaukasten – Interessenraum für Zeitgenossenschaft (2011–2015) she developed the program and curated exhibitions. In 2014 Hahn worked as project coordinator and research assistant for the Austrian contribution to the Architecture Biennale in Venice. As the curatorial assistant at the art collection SAMMLUNG VERBUND Vienna, she co-curated international exhibitions and contributed to scientific publications. Since 2017 she has worked at mumok and was part of the curatorial team of Eva Badura-Triska and Edek Bartz.


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